The South Florida State Representative’s political committee, For A Better Florida, obtained a $2,300 contribution from non-profit Bullsugar.

heather-fitzenhagenQuestions are being raised about a potentially illegal contribution from a environmental group registered as a non-profit to State Representative Heather Fitzenhagen’s political committee.

Kenneth-Wheeler-Hinkle-Jr-mugshot bullsugar

The group, Bullsugar, is run by convicted criminal and con-man Kenneth Hinkle, and regularly refers to elected officials it opposes as “whores”, among other more crass expletives.

Since the group is a registered non-profit, it is highly suspicious and likely illegal for them to be dolling out political donations.

The $2,300.00 that the group sent to the Fitzenhagen controlled friendly committee is already raising eyebrows from officials at the IRS, as our sources indicate they have been alerted of the donation.

It could ultimately cost the raunchy environmental group their non-profit status and lead to criminal charges at a time when they are already under fire for their founder’s lengthy criminal background.

Hinkle’s rap sheet includes a history of con-jobs, a DUI, and violating Florida’s Fish and Wildlife statutes by illegally fishing an endangered fish species.

We will keep you up to date as this story develops.


View the questionable donation for yourself, by clicking here:


We hear there’s more to come on this story. . .and will keep you updated.