Speaker Corcoran is keeping himself pretty busy of late, perhaps preparing for what seems to be an imminent run for governor in 2018.

The “husband, father of 6 children, and Speaker of the Florida House” has been very, wait. Just wait one minute.

Yes, Corcoran is a “father of 6 children.” Someone’s been busy.

Back to what I was saying.

Corcoran has been very busy on Twitter lately, opining on all sorts of state and federal issues, and like we said, possibly prepping the political landscape for his gubernatorial run.

Here is what Speaker Corcoran has been tweeting. From backing President Trump on immigration reform, Senator Rubio on Venezuela, to joking about challenging state Rep. Byron Donalds to a pick-up game of basketball.


No offense Richard, but “White Men Can’t Jump,” at least those who play with a gavel all day long, and Byron will eat your lunch. Dale!

Florida Republicans wait to see if the potential primary showdown between AG Commissioner Adam Putnam and Corcoran will take place next year.

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