A revised National Republican Congressional Committee ad attacking Democratic  candidate Randy Perkins is now on the air after local TV stations yanked a previous version under threat of a lawsuit.


Republican Brian Mast (left) and Democrat Randy Perkins.

Republican Brian Mast (left) and Democrat Randy Perkins, candidates for the congressional District 18 seat.

Perkins faces Republican Brian Mast in a nationally watched race for the Palm Beach-Treasure Coast congressional District 18 seat.


The NRCC last week began airing an ad that accused Perkins, the founder and CEO of disaster-relief giant Ashbritt Inc.,  of &;scamming a school district.&; Lawyers for Perkins called the ad a &8220;false, misleading and deceptive&8221; characterization of a dispute between Ashbritt and the Broward County School District over charges for Hurricane Wilma repairs.


Broward school district auditors in 2009 said the district overpaid Ashbritt $765,608 for repairs to portable classrooms damaged by Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Ashbritt filed a 2010 lawsuit disputing the claim and reached a settlement in 2014 in which it paid the district $200,000 and the school board stated that Ashbritt “committed no wrong doing.”  The settlement states that language in the Wilma contract was “ambiguous and there is a good faith disagreement over its interpretation.”


The new NRCC ad cuts out the &8220;scamming a school district&8221; claim and instead accuses Perkins of &8220;even &;grossly&; overbilling a school district,&8221; with the word &8220;grossly&8221; highlighted from the 2009 audit report.



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