Today’s Top Florida Politics and News –

Palm Beach Daily News: Will Trump’s Mar-a-Lago get a warning from Palm Beach over helipad use?

Post: Rod Rosenstein discusses the rule of law at Forum Club lunch

PNJ: Matt Gaetz: Marijuana policy shift ‘heartless and cold’

TC Palm: Patrick Murphy not running for office, but advising Democrats and mentoring millennials

Democrat: Florida Democrats saddled with Hillary-Bernie and generational divide

AP: Florida hack exposed files of up to 30,000 Medicaid patients

NSF: Supreme Court ready to wade into water war

Roll Call: West Coast, Florida Foes Resist Trump Offshore Drilling Plan

Times: Growers expect berry crop will survive intact after season’s first cold snap

NSF: Lawmaker proposes state guide on ‘healthy marriage’

DBNJ: DeSantis, in governor run, says he’ll drain Tallahassee swamp

Roll Call: DeSantis Touts Trump Endorsement in Announcing Florida Governor Run

Herald: How does a candidate for governor meet Florida voters? By going to their living rooms

NSF: Scott pledges continued aid for displaced Puerto Ricans

Herald-Tribune: Florida CFO to push legislation for first responders

Herald: Broward legislators take action to deal with sexual harassment in the state capital

Democrat: Rep. Ramon Alexander finds his issue: performance based funding for FAMU

TC Palm: Lake Okeechobee reservoir keeps Treasure Coast in 2018 Florida legislative session spotlight

NWF Daily News: Proposed state regulation of vacation rentals opposed locally