For as long as any Florida politico can remember, Republican candidates for governor of the state have always ran on being the most conservative individual running their respective gubernatorial primary race.

We all get it. Most Republican voters in the state align themselves with Conservatism, so it’s only natural for gubernatorial candidates to pander to the base of the state GOP.

So, with that all said, of all the announced Republican gubernatorial candidates in the 2018 GOP governor’s race, who is the most conservative?

Well, only Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and Sen. Jack Latvala, have officially announced their candidacy, so we need to then add the other two potential gubernatorial candidates into the mix.

Speaker Richard Corcoran and Rep. Ron DeSantis are strongly considering the run for governor, but won’t make a decision until after the first of the year.

DeSantis may make up his mind to run before the December 31, but Corcoran is expected to wait it out until after the 2018 legislative session.

Ok, so who is the most conservative?

According to the latest Tampa Bay Times ‘Florida Insider Poll’ made up of both Republicans and Democrats, Rep. Ron DeSantis is perceived as the most conservative, by a bunch.

Courtesy of Tampa Bay Times

He crushes it with 49 percent of the vote.

Corcoran (28%) edges out Putnam (24%) for second, and Latvala hovers in Charlie Crist Republican la la land with an abysmal 6 percent.

But is being considered the most conservative gubernatorial candidate really matter on election day?


Again, why do you think that all of the most recent Republican governor’s ran and won as ultra Conservatives?

In the end, its all about how much money the candidates have. Putnam is ‘king cash’ right as far as money raised, but DeSantis, Corcoran, and Latvala are “dialing-for-dollars,” and could make it very uncomfortable for Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner.

Oh, and there is this little not-so-subtle snub Twitterof yours truly by Sen. Jack Latvala

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