Gov. Rick Scott blames Washington for failing to finance fight against Zika virus

Gov. Rick blames Washington for failing to finance fight against Zika virus

Gov. Rick Scott wrote a guest editorial for Thursday&;s USA Today, blaming the &;complete dysfunction in Washington&; for blocking critical funding to fight the Zika virus.

&8220;When you travel around and talk to voters all across the country today, they will tell you that Washington is broken,&8221; Scott wrote.

&8220;That’s not really true, it is much worse than broken. To call our federal government broken is far too complimentary. No, the truth is that Washington is completely incompetent.&8221;

He went on to say, &8220;Everything we are doing in to combat this virus is to protect pregnant women and their developing babies. As a father and a grandfather, I cannot imagine the challenges a child would have being born with microcephaly — or any other birth defect for that matter.

&8220;That’s why I have continued to call on Congress to get involved in the fight against Zika. How hard could this be? Zika is a threat to our health and it can cause terrible birth defects.&8221;

Scott is building on his byline count in USA Today. He wrote a similar piece in January touting Republican Donald Trump as having captured the nation&8217;s pulse &; endorsing him a couple months later after Trump won the Florida presidential primary.

Scott has made two trips to Congress lobbying for a deal on Zika funding. Meanwhile, Scott has steered $36.2 million in state dollars toward battling the virus in Florida, home to more than 800 cases of travel- and locally-contracted Zika.

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