Andrew Gillum’s email server headache hasn’t gone away just yet.

On Wednesday, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office handed over an investigative report on the Gillum’s personal use of political email software on the city’s dime to the State Attorney, adding a new layer of complexity to the already-tumultuous issue plaguing the Tallahassee mayor.

The LCSO announced Wednesday the office had handed over the report into Gillum’s server use to State Attorney Jack Campbell’s office, but the decision to press charges — if any — rests solely with Campbell and the State Attorney.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, Campbell acknowledged receiving the document, which was multiple pages long.

Campbell had not reviewed the document at the time of this article’s release.

“In the coming day and probably weeks, I’ll be reviewing and be in consultation with the sheriff’s office,” he said. “I’m not going to talk about the facts or where it might go because it is a pending criminal investigation.”

Gillum’s email server woes have been haunting him for months.

The Democratic gubernatorial hopeful found himself in hot water when it was discovered he had been using city funds to send out political emails using the NGP VAN email system, a popular way candidates reach constituents to fundraise and notify voters of upcoming events. 

Gillum’s office began using the web-based software in 2015. The city spent nearly $7,000 on the software, which included nearly $5,000 in general fund dollars and almost $2,000 from leftover campaign cash rolled into Gillum’s office account.

Gillum ultimately apologized for the mishap, adding he would pay and and all fees associated with the NGP VAN email system.

Sunshine State News contacted the mayor’s office for comment but had not received a response at the time of this article’s release. 

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