Floridians are feeling good about where the Sunshine State is headed, a new poll finds. 

Mason Dixon released a new survey on Friday morning showing 60 percent of Floridians think the state is headed on the right track while only 21 percent think it’s headed on the wrong track while 19 percent are not sure. The poll finds solid majorities of all political persuasions, races, ages, genders and parts of the state think Florida is headed on the right track.

Most Floridians think the state’s economy is in good shape with a clear majority–59 percent–thinking it’s excellent or good. More than a quarter of those surveyed–29 percent–think the economy in Florida is fair while only 9 percent think it’s poor while 3 percent are not sure. Again, a majority of all groups included in the poll were bullish on the state’s economy though whites, Republicans, men and residents of the southeastern and southwest parts of the state were higher on it. 

Floridians also think the good times will continue with more than half of those surveyed–52 percent–thinking the economy will be better in two years while 31 percent think it will be the same and 9 percent say it will be worse. 

An overwhelming majority of those surveyed–79 percent–think the quality of life in the Sunshine State is excellent or good while 16 percent think it’s fair and only 3 percent say it’s poor. 

Asked what they consider to be the biggest threat to Florida’s quality of life, 31 percent say development and overpopulation while 18 percent point to environmental problems, 16 percent think it’s crime and drugs, 13 percent say health-care, 12 percent point to roads and infrastructure problems and 5 percent cite economic woes. 

The poll of 625 registered Florida voters was taken from Jan. 30-Feb. 1 and had a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. 

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