doug guetzloe

Conservatives across Florida mourn this week for the passing of Doug Guetzloe.  Guetzloe is famous founding “Ax the Tax” group and leading many anti-tax movements in Central Florida.  He was controversial in his tactics and often didn’t see eye-to-eye with other Conservatives.

Everett Wilkinson, a well known Conservative leader who traded blows with Guetzloe issued the following letter:

Fellow Patriots:

I am sad to report that Doug Guetzloe past this week while attending his daughter’s birthday.   There is not one person in the Conservative movement in Florida that didn’t have interaction with Doug.   Although we didn’t always see eye to eye on many issues, there was never a doubt in my mind that he was a fighter for Conservative causes.

Guetzloe is most famous for founding “Ax the Tax,” a tax watchdog group.  He was able to stop billions in wasteful government spending.  Some of his notable battles were the stopping an increased sales tax and high-speed rail.

Doug and many of his generation laid the groundwork for modern Conservative groups like the tea party.  It was his efforts, which show Conservatives that we can fight back against an out of control government spending and a nanny state.

A funeral is planned 3 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 15, at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, 106 E. Church St.

His passing should be a reminder for Conservatives in Florida that we are all on the same side.  Our Republic was built and continues to stand against tyranny despite our different personalities. I am calling on all Conservatives to put aside their petty differences and unite to restore the Republic.


Everett Wilkinson