Today’s Top Florida Politics and News –

Post: Trump will visit Miami Monday and Palm Beach Monday-Thursday

Sun Sentinel: Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump each have business to take care of in Palm Beach County

Herald: The GOP’s biggest LGBT advocate is retiring. Here’s how the party plans to move ahead

TC Palm: Brightline trains subject of congressional hearing Brian Mast requested

Times: State: Hurricane Irma caused $8.6 billion in insured losses

NSF: Workers’ comp revamp could return in Florida

NY Times: Parkland gunman sas still firing when police arrived on a gruesome scene

News Herald: Gov. Scott brings campaign tour to PC

DBNJ: Ron DeSantis backer hired Trump lawyer to settle $1.6M deal with pregnant Playmate

Democrat: Special Session gambling proposal sent to top Florida lawmakers

Herald: Florida senator says cash stuffed in Kate Spade purse at campaign fundraiser was a gag

Times: Three education ideas in one proposed Florida constitutional amendment earns negative reviews

Herald: This college president’s $381,000 departing payment is being questioned in Florida