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Florida Political News
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Published by
News Guru
05 October 2015
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The Truth About Burning Cane
avatar Shared by
News Guru
thumbnail wellingtonledger&;.tumblr&173;.com – As the harvest season for Glades’ area sugar cane farmers gets underway and thousands of Florida workers hit the fields and factories to produce Florida’s famous sweetener, the threat of a lawsuit …
Florida lawmakers try, and mostly fail, to live on minimum wage
avatar Shared by
Lady Farmer
thumbnail www&173;.naplesnews&173;.com – TALLAHASSEE — Last week started with the highest hopes of 20 Florida lawmakers who were determined to survive on $8.05 an hour. By Day 2, the lawmakers — all of them Democrats — struggled as they c…
Christina K. Daly: Transforming Florida’s juvenile justice system
tar Shared by
Frank Collins III
thumbnail www&173;.tbo&173;.com – Protecting Florida’s youths and the communities we serve is the top priority of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, and over the last five years we have worked to innovate Florida’s youth s…
Paulson Promises Big Changes for Orlando with Challenge to Mayor Dyer
avatar Shared by
Orlando Proud
thumbnail ilikemike&173;.me – Veteran and businessman Paul Paulson is running for Orlando Mayor against Buddy Dyer with a vastly different vision for the city. Paulson also is not holding back on defining the differences betwee…
Jeff Atwater&;s a Strong Senate Contender But He Needs to Jump In Soon
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Sunshine State News
www&173;.sunshinestatenews&173;.com – Jeff Atwater passed on running for the U.S. Senate in 2012 and did so again earlier this year but now his name is resurfacing as a possible candidate.  Chief Financial Officer Atwater has a long ba…
Sunshine State News and Radio Host Ed Dean Launch &39;Florida Minute&39;
avatar Shared by
Sunshine State News
www&173;.sunshinestatenews&173;.com – Sunshine State News (SSN), in collaboration with Ed Dean, the No. 1 radio talk show host in Florida, announces the launch of Florida Minute, an informative and compelling series of radio news break…
LeMieux: Time for congressional Republicans to lead
avatar Shared by
William E. Lewis, Jr
thumbnail www&173;.tampabay&173;.com – Conservatives across America are mad as hell at Washington. Having elected a Republican-controlled Senate last year to go along with a Republican-controlled House, conservatives expected Washington…
Mike Huckabee: LGBT, Pro-Choice Activists at White House Reception for Pope Francis a &39;New Low&39;
avatar Shared by
Charlotte L Coolidge
www&173;.sunshinestatenews&173;.com – Continuing his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, on Monday, former Gov. Mike Huckabee, R-Ark., ripped the Obama administration for inviting LGBT activists and abortion supporters to a…
Meet the Underdog Republican Battling McCarthy for Speaker

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Tom Tillison
How many votes does it take to elect a Florida legislator?
avatar Shared by
Amy Tidd
Let’s make schools less killer-friendly
avatar Shared by
Tom Jackson
Miami congressman agrees to pay another fine over misreported campaign contributions | Naked Politics
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Bush draws endorsements from 20 of Florida’s 26 GOP senators — missing? Mmmm. | Post On Politics
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Republican Jeff Atwater now considering 2016 Senate bid | Post On Politics
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Graph: Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate
avatar Shared by
Tony Villamil
Scientists from Ireland, Japan and China win Nobel medicine prize
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Who is taking the Minimum Wage Challenge, and why? UPDATE!
avatar Shared by
R Castro Feinberg
Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Obama&39;s economic recovery
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West Palm Beach among metro areas topping nation’s economic growth level; Scott says proof ‘it’s working’ | Post On Politics
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South Carolina flood: Door-to-door searches, swamped roads
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Hurricane Joaquin: 5 weather-related deaths; life ring from missing ship found
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Arne Duncan Stepping Down as U.S. Secretary of Education
avatar Shared by
Allison Nielsen
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