Senator Rob Bradley

Senator Rob Bradley

Florida conservatives continue to fight against Sen. Joe Negron’s water plan.  This morning we received an email from Everett Wilkinson, one of the conservative activists leading the fight against Negron’s water plan with an altered Gov. Crist with Obama that replaced with Sen. Bradley.  Are conservatives now comparing supporters of Negron’s water plan to Crist?

Hi,I am a conservative leader and activist in Florida.  Over the last couple of months, I have met and talked to other leaders across Florida.  Everyone I talked to is vehemently opposed to Negron’s water plan because it increases big government, debt and wasteful taxpayer spending to new levels!

Spending:  The bill requires Florida and the federal government to split the cost of the project ($1.5 Billion), so Congress would also have to approve the project if the Florida legislature gives it the green light.
Senator Rubio and others have said there is $0 for this Negron’s water reservoir.  So Florida taxpayers will pay 100{fa2dae56337f9c7ea77ecfab0e634f8b7142fdca97930ed94284a7f1faff31b3} of the costs. More importantly, both the South Florida Water Management District and the Army Corps of Engineers are opposed to Negron’s water plan.
Re: Toxic Algae Discharges: It will take over 25 years to build the reservoir, meanwhile, the discharges will continue.  The better plan is to fix the Herbert Hoover Dike that would stop the discharges in less than 3 years.  estimates that the current plan already has over 10 years and $10 billion invested in it.
Who Benefits from the Negron’s Water plan:  Joe Negron and his benefactors.  The Florida Everglades Foundation, funded by Paul Tutor Jones’ hedge fund, has been paying people to promote this bill.  While at a Senate Committee Meeting, I witnessed a representative from the Florida Everglades foundation give cash to a supporter for “showing up and wearing their t-shirt.”
Bottom-line, if you support Negron’s wasteful water plan in the budget, you might as voted for it.  Conservatives and tea party leaders across Florida are 100{fa2dae56337f9c7ea77ecfab0e634f8b7142fdca97930ed94284a7f1faff31b3} opposed to Negron’s water bill.
The people of Florida deserve fiscally sound legislation that solves problems and doesn’t burden them with wasteful debt.

Everett Wilkinson

Florida Tea Party & Floridians Against Waste