The Everglades Foundation wants $4 billion from the Florida taxpayers to dig a hole on farmland south of Lake Okeechobee and now we know they are willing to say or do just about anything to get it – including lying.

Earlier this month the Foundation released a report which they claimed proved both the benefit and need for state taxpayers to fund a multi-billion dollar reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee.

Turns out the Foundation’s propaganda piece was . . . well . . . a lie.

everglades foundationIt took state watchdogs at the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) all of 5 minutes to figure out that the Foundation report was a scam. The scientists at SFWMD found that the Foundation had clearly cooked the books to make the report fit their conclusion – that Florida taxpayers needed to dig a $4 billon hole on farmland south of Lake Okeechobee.

In response to the Foundation’s report, the leading scientist at SFWMD said:

“Your plan as modeled is not a realistic means to send and store water south [of Lake Okeechobee]. To successfully convey water from Lake Okeechobee you cannot ignore water quality standards, ignore water supply for the environment and existing legal users and ignore the Endangered Species act. Releasing a report in this form is a misrepresentation of the facts

Or, in layman’s terms … Boom!! Mic drop.

The Everglades Foundation is fast becoming Florida’s newest Ponzi scheme. Like the infamous scams of Fort Lauderdale’s Scott Rothstein and Manhattan’s Bernie Madoff, the Everglades Foundation uses information it knows is false to support a narrative that could never be sustained in the real world, all the while hoping gullible Floridians will not look behind the curtain.

But this time The Everglades Foundation – like Bernie Madoff and Scott Rothstein – have been busted by government watchdogs who were clearly paying attention.

The Foundation is a social club made up of billionaires, millionaires and coastal elites who are hell bent on ridding south Florida of people who are not like them. They manipulate data, and science and public opinion to justify their existence. What started out as a noble cause – protecting a national treasure – has now been hijacked by social engineers who will say and do just about anything to get their way.

As this latest episode proves beyond any doubt, Florida cannot and should not trust the Everglades Foundation.