Appearing on the Randi Rhodes radio show this past Tuesday, Rep. Ted Deutch (D) tossed some red meat at the liberal hosts audience, questioning President Trump’s “fire & fury” remark against the nuclear threat North Korea posed by saying that the language Trump used was putting US military “lives are at risk” in Asia.

At the very end of the interview, Deutch, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, said that Democrats were going to win back the majority in the House of Representatives in 2018,  adding that his committee would be “very busy” after the elections.

Deutch is insinuating that he will be calling into testify Trump administration officials once Democrats take control of the House.

Unfortunately, the 20-minute interview posted on Youtube  has been taken down, or  “unavailable.” Upon glancing over Rhodes’ Youtube channel, the video is no longer posted with the rest of her archived videos as it previously was.

Why was the video taken down?

Here is Rep. Deutch tweeting his live appearance on the show, Youtube link included.

Here is what you see when you click on the video link of the interview:

Full disclosure:

I am currently exploring a run for Congress against Rep. Deutch. After I called him out on the his remarks via my personal Facebook page, the video was removed.

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