VENICE — Deborah Anderson filed Friday to run for the Venice City Council seat currently held by Kit McKeon, less than five months after she decided not to seek reelection in her own seat.

Anderson said Friday that she decided to run for Seat 2 against Charles “Chuck” Newsom, a member of the Venice Planning Commission, because she doesn’t believe he represents her views, or the majority of the citizens of Venice.

“I think I better represent people, that’s why I’m running,” Anderson said.

McKeon, who is finishing his third term, cannot run for reelection because of term limits.

City Clerk Lori Stelzer said council seats are numbered for election purposes, but the three-term limit should apply for any regular council seat. The mayor seat carries with it a three-term limit as well.

Emilio Carlesimo, who lost his 2016 reelection bid to Fred Fraize by 58 votes, filed in early March to run for the Seat 1 slot currently held by Anderson. In May, after Anderson stepped down, retired educator Margaret Ann “Mitzie” Fiedler, 66, filed to run against Carlesimo, 78.

“There are two people running for my current seat and I think there’s pretty big differences between them, and the voters are going to have a good choice to make there,” Anderson said.

The vocal slow-growth candidate had cited continued unfavorable press in the Venice Gondolier, which she said pursued a vendetta against her for those views, as stressful and one reason she did not originally plan on seeking a second term.

“I’m not going to let something like that intimidate me from running, if that’s the best thing for the residents of Venice,” she said.

Anderson — whose term has been marked by frequent travel with her husband, Don — said that while some trips are already on the books and paid for, she does not plan to schedule any other travel that conflicts with meetings.

“I’m going to make that pledge to the voters,” Anderson said.

Anderson, 62, a retired attorney, will go up against Newsom, 66, a retired businessman, who worked in senior management at companies such as A&P Corp., Shop-Rite, Eckerd Corp., Winn-Dixie, and Duane Reade Inc. in New York.

The six city council members earn $10,200 annually; the mayor receives $12,000.

The election will be decided on the Nov. 7 ballot.

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