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1. Poll: Floridians don&39;t want guns on campus, are split on Medicaid expansion
Floridians are pretty well split in agreement on a number of hot button issues — Medicaid expansion, Common Core and off-shore oil drilling. But as the Legislature prepares for a January legislative session and reelection campaigns not long after, they may want to think about areas of widespread agreement. A massive statewide poll released Monday by University of South Florida researchers shows that more than seven in 10 adult Floridians want to allow police to wear body cameras, have stricter water quality regulations, continue banning concealed guns on college campuses.
2. Fla. House Committee backs bill allowing Floridians to carry guns openly
Gun owners in Florida with concealed-carry permits are one step closer to getting the right to openly carry those weapons in public, under legislation that cleared a House subcommittee today by a 8-4 vote. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, who introduced HB 163, said it “restores and vindicates” Second Amendment rights and promotes public safety. But critics of the proposal said it should, at a minimum, include better training requirements and also better protect property owner’s rights if they don&39;t want weapons in their homes or businesses. Critics say an open-carry law in Florida would instill fear, rather than calm
3. Dan Webster makes his case for U.S. House Speaker
When Rep. Dan Webster attempted to overthrow House Speaker John Boehner in January, Boehner got revenge by removing the Orlando-area Republican from the Rules Committee. Now Webster is trying to turn that into an advantage as he runs for speaker. “I have repeatedly stood up against the current system, even while enduring punishment for sticking to my principles,” Webster says in a video message in which he lays out his reason for running.
5. Gov. Scott&39;s office cites “crisis” in unemployment fraud
Gov. Rick Scott&39;s jobs guru, Jesse Panuccio, wants more money from the Legislature to create a police unit in his Department of Economic Opportunity to fight what he calls a “crisis” in unemployment assistance fraud in Florida. DEO&39;s budget proposal includes $3.5 million for fraud prevention and detection including a “fraud criminal investigation unit” with three sworn officers and three investigators to start. Testifying before a legislative panel Tuesday, Panuccio described “organized criminal enterprises” committing rampant identity theft to steal jobless benefits intended for others and that the problem is most severe in South Florida.
5. Jeb Bush&39;s message for Iowa: &39;It&39;s not all about yapping&39;
Speaking in Myrtle Beach this morning, Jeb Bush said: “In a few months time — I’m not sure exactly when — I’ll make up my mind.” There&39;s millions of reasons why: As a declared candidate, Bush&39;s ability to interact with his Right to Rise Super PAC will be limited. … Also Rubio stands up for Uber, Airbnd. And Ann Romney says Jeb didn&39;t push Mitt from race
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