• Brandon Wright

    Because Donald Trump doesn’t have a record as a politician, we need to know the truth about his dealings as a businessman. Most experts — including conservative economists — say that Trump is nowhere near as rich or successful as he claims. Trump boasts that he “made a lot of money” on his casinos in New Jersey, even as he refused to pay contractors and investors what he had promised. And then he repeatedly declared bankruptcy, leaving the taxpayers to pay the bill. This may be good for Trump, but it’s bad for America. In addition, Trump’s real estate developments have had far lower returns than the projects by other developers. This shows a lack of expertise. And finally, Trump has created very few long-term jobs for Americans. Instead he has repeatedly hired foreign (and often illegal) workers. He still does so every year at his resorts in Florida and elsewhere. So why should we believe Trump when he says that he is great at business? If he wants to convince us that he is truthful, he needs to release his tax returns. If he doesn’t release them, no intelligent American should vote for him.